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World Acumen continues to expand its presence in North America which in-turn creates opportunities for your organization. The continued success of our clients, our people, and our company is built on our core values, creative insight, and solid business acumen. Our track record speaks for itself. When we implement solutions for our clients, the results speak for themselves; our clients continue to outperform their competition and discover greater opportunities.

Our wealth of knowledge covers diverse industries including: software, forestry, robotics, fabrication, land development, and industrial design. Our broad range of expertise and unique approach to finding solutions has led us to consistently expand our business.

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(SD&C) Standard Design & Construct

Standardization of design components brings many benefits, including reduction in costs, better quality of end products, reduced maintenance, reduced waste and more scope for recycling. To maximize these benefits, we need to factor in the use of standardized components at the design stage to ensure compatibility in design and to facilitate the manufacturing process. 

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Industrial CNC Automation


Modern CNC mills differ little from the original built at MIT in 1952.
WAI Industrial Business Solutions - A Strategic Fit


Our wealth of knowledge and experience include: 
Legasuite GUI Design


Legasuite GUI is intended to extend the iSeries 5250 

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"World Acumen captured the essence of our business from day one. We’ve never had such a clear consensus on any project in our organization before. Thanks for all your assistance and quick response, far in excess of what we had expected.  I will certainly recommend you to our clients”  By Terry J.

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World Acumen works closely with private, public, and not for profit organizations to inspire performance and drive results.

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